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Buggy, sometimes in obvious ways.

This app has a lot of potential but it's buggy. Some bugs are very obvious, bugs you shouldn't make if you have been writing software for a while. For example, if you have one or more bookmarks selected and you switch between tags for some reason it remembers the selection. It's a weird design choice because the articles will be completely different but lets give the developer the benefit of the doubt and let's say that it's intentional. The bug is that even though the selection remains where it was, the program's logic behaves as if those items were NOT selected: - you click them once, their selection doesn't clear, they stay selected until you click them twice. - you click somewhere else (without holding ⌘) and their selection doesn't clear. It's not a big deal but it took me less than five minutes to notice this bug and to know exactly what's causing it (data out of sync with view). That doesn't give me a lot of confidence in the product.

Emails to support are returned

I recently paid for this app and have been in touch with its developer. I reported a problem (editing the description is not saved) and when I tried to follow-up emails sent to the developer’s address and to the support email address during the past week were returned. Since I could not find a phone number, I do not know if he is still in busniess or if he longer provides support… I used the app for a short time. It complements the bookmark provided by Safari (it has basic sorting and find capability, etc.) but it is kind of different than every other bookmark manager that I have used.

Very Frustrated

Just spent many hours organizing my bookmarks that I migrated over from Safari into this tool. Everything looked good and I did a manual Backup. I then exited the program and went to Safari and used the Safari Extension to add a bookmark. When Pins opened the old settings were there and none of the changes that I spent hours making were there. So I deleted the data and did a restore from the backup and got the same mess back. VERY FRUSTRATING. How the heck do I know that the backup made a backup of my changes? I really want to use this tool, but given this my confidence is very low on the quality of it working correctly. I find many similar comments on its bugginess on the App store. To add insult to injury, when I go to the site to report the problem I get an error "We're sorry, but something went wrong. We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly.” So even their own reporting tool for errors doesn’t work. This is very sad, the program appears to have great poential, but if you can’t rely on their backup to backup what you did, what a bad situation. I’d advise people not to buy this application!

Have to enter new title several times

A great app overall, but often very frustrating when entering a new link. It copies the title from the website verbatim, which means you get the trailing site name and bunch of other fluff that isn’t all that helpful to keep in the title. But when you backspace over it, add a tag (or not), and then move to next link the original title with everything I just deleted stubbornly returns. Sometimes I have to change it four of five times before it “takes.” I’m guessing the delay is due to waiting for objectivesheep’s servers to copy the link I just pasted, and won’t update until after it does, or they purposefully have a long cache life. But in the end it is very frustrating experience that should not be in software otherwise this good.

EDITED: Buggy, But Has Potential

I’m adding this as an update to my previous review. I contacted the developer about the problems I was having. He responded to my emails very quickly. He’s very responsive. I hope that translates into imrovements in the app. Anyway, with his advice I was finally able to get Pins to do what I n eeded it to do and which it is advertised as doing. It crashed a number of times and I had to restart the procedures, but in the end Pins did what I needed it to do. So kudos to Fabio for his responsiveness! I added a star to my previous review. I’m looking forward to future development of the app. There is nothing else out there to manage bookmarks that is modern.

I like it

Pins is an excellent bookmarking tool. It synchs to pinboard and allows import of bookmarks from html files from your web browser. The interface is elegant and easy to use. It provides a visual bookmarking front end to if you are using that app to store your bookmarks and provides an image of the web page saved. You can add tags and notes, ratings, code by color and easily edit your bookmarks. It is absolutely fantastic. My only problem is that I have an enormous number of pins on and the app can barely handle the volume, and slows down or occassionally crashes. This is frustrating. I’m not sure what the limit is for the app to operate smoothly. If you have consolidated a number of sources to, then you may also find the app to be a bit slow at times. But the quality of the user experience makes up for the performance issues. I would definitely recommend this app.

Great idea. Too many obvious bugs.

This is probably ironically the best bookmarks management application. Unfortunately it has too many bugs that are quite obvious and not clear whyt he dev team still not fixing them. 1. Under preferences hiding of delicious and pinboard services is not working. I’m not using them and would want not to see them in the folder list. 2. Sorting folders under library is not working. I’d sort alphabetically, but after moving, copying bookmarks and folders it stops working. I have to keep clicking to sort to force it. 3. App crashes often 4. Deleting a folder cancelled the alphabetized ordering even though it’s still enabled.

Best Bookmark Organization App for Mac

I’ve been searching for months for a decent app of this kind. However, the vast majority haven’t been updated in years and/or I didn’t care for them (I prefer a hierachy of nested folders, rather than just tags). When I first purchased Pins, I was immediately frustrated— I thought I had been taken for $10 and insisted on a refund. That’s because it was very buggy— at the time, I couldn’t even drag and drop folders and bookmarks as the developer stated. Before requesting a refund, I contacted Fabio, and to his credit, he replied promptly. He said he was aware of the issue and was working on a fix… but didn’t tell me when it would be fixed… which frustrated me. A week or so after I requested a refund, Fabio came out with a new version. I downloaded the demo from his site; used it for a couple of weeks, and found it to be far more stable. And today, I re-purchased the app from the appstore. Folders now work as stated. And if you prefer organizing your bookmarks with tags (or even both— tags and folders), this is the app for you. A couple of things (preferences) I would like to see fixed/modified: 1) When electing to "Hide Delicious" and "Hide Pinboard” client features, the delicious and pinboard folders remain in the sidebar (they shouldn’t in my opinion, and I’m unable to remove them); 2) When saving a bookmark via the Safari extension; the bookmark appears to be saved to the folder that is selected in Pins at the time… rather than to the Inbox (even though I have “Always use Inbox to store bookmarks added from a browser” checked). Thank you Fabio for this product— I look forward to future releases and encourage others to support his efforts.

Nice but buggy

This has potential to be the best bookmark manager out there - if some of the bugs are squashed. I love the simplicity and features, but it is marred with the most obvious bug of not always being able to move a bookmark between folders. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Also, I wish it would keep the image previews static instead of trying to find the most recent from the web. I’d rather ask it to update when I want. I sure hope the developer keeps working on it as there is a real void of good bookmark add ons. UPDATE: Fabio is continuing to work on it and the last two updates have been very nice. Much improved in moving bookmarks and overall stability. I will move this to 4-star!

Latest Version 2.0.1 works well

A good app. Have been using Pins for about a year. First under Mavericks and now under Yosemite. More stable under Yosemite. Does what you expect it to do in saving website URLs. The search function works more quickly than past versions. Users can add tags (user created) and notes to each record. Makes it easy to catalog websites by topic or interest.

Good App

Very Good App. Some features that may help the uability further 1) make it portable and host it in the cloud so that it can be accessed from different machines and mobile 2) have a concept to share bookmarks 3) Ability to add proper notes

NOT theBest Bookmarks App I’ve Ever Used!

Originally rated this five stars for great features and helpful customer service but I’ve found tthis app to be quite buggy and unreliable to a point of needing to uninstal it. I can no longer recommend this app to others. Buyers Beware!

To sync, or not to sync. That is the issue

I was really excited when I saw this app, and was an early buyer. The feature set, while a tad on the slow end of responsive, is still robust and much appreciated. But the sync tools just don’t hold up. I’ve used both the Pins and DropBox option and both are a no go. I give it 4 stars for features and promise. 1 star for sycning, for a total score of 3.5 stars overall.


It suddenly crashed one day, and has been unusable ever since.

The Perfect Bookmark App

I love this app. It is the perfect bookmark app for Mac. Has awesome support as well!

Not Worth The Money

Had high hopes but this app just does not work even after following the complex directions on the developers web site!

Very good app, some quirks

I was critical of this app at first, but I am slowly moving over from Pocket. My only complaints; (1) the web-plugin for Chrome always causes the Pins app to crash when I bookmark something. (2) the image captures are buried somewhere in your libraries, so if you would prefer to create a symbolic link, you need to do a little digging (but then, I am super nueortic when it comes to these things)


I never write reviews for apps. This app is so great that I made an exception - works perfectly and does everything I need in a bookmark manager and more. Very intuitive to use, simple yet powerful. Highly recommended

Great little app.

Good app, at a good price point. It really is the only one out right now that fits the need for a non based mac tailored program. I really like the site screen shots, it is so much easier that looking at a list of links.

Has Potential

There are some great features in this app--however it is not yet working consistently and I would not recommend purchasing this version. On two different up-to-date machines, using the "Import" function consistently causes the app to quit. Folder names disappear. Syncing is so unintuitive I emailed support to figure out how to utilize the function. Even after following their instructions, while the app appears to go through the process, pins created on one computer do not show up when accessed elsewhere.

2nd thoughts

The import mixed up all bookmarks in my folders. When I tried to rearrange folders contents I quickly realized that you can NOT drag and drop - with all the software advancements, isn't that a given? Menu Bar shorcut doesn't work and you can't change it. Can not tag multiple bookmarks at once although I'm told that will change in the next update. Its very basic with a lot of frosting and certainly not worth $10

Works for Me pretty good

I deleated all of my side bar and am working on sorting my tool bar shortcuts. Improvements would be 1. easier sorting of folders, I want to highlight a group and move them. 2. a way to hightlight folders 3. being able to synchronize them 4. validate links 5. duplicate checker

Waste of $

I spent all day trying to use this program and all it did was freeze my computer and overload my system (I have an IMAC 10.68 , 2.66 GHz, 4GB, so there's no way you can blame my MAC. I wish I could get my money back. What a friggin rip off. It crashed or froze every single time I tried to use it and I wasted an entire day trying to find a fix.

Getting Better and Better

I've had Pins since its first version, it just keeps getting better! Great app, and the developer is very active in improving it. Highly recomended. I use it every day.


I've been using Pins for several weeks now and I can say, that Pins is a great app!!! Pins has most of the fuctions that I nned a a power bookmark user. Pins is fast stable and has great support. I highly reccoment this app.

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